New Kitch Style line of Distinct Upscale Aprons & Gifts for trendsetters

5 09 2018


New Kitch Style Aprons Line crafted signature looks for trendsetters!

The creation of the Aprons Etc.’s Kitch StyleLine of aprons was based on the reinterpretation of already existing popular classic designs.
It expresses a mixture of real retro fashion and new ideals for both work and home.
Purchase Options:
· Personal Gift
· Upscale Culinary Aprons
· Distinct Uniforms

Why Give Corporate Gifts?

· Building relationships: Companies are comprised of people, and people love
receiving gifts.

· Increase your brand’s awareness: When someone receives something free, they
will associate the gift with your company in a positive way.

· Cost effective advertising: These valued aprons can be used frequently; the cost
per impression is economic.

· Maintain customer loyalty: Remind your customers that they are important to
you with a personal branded touch.

· Grow your business: A gift that is liked and used will encourage word of mouth

· Better employee relations: Reward employees or simply recognize their value.

Signature Unisex Gift Select the perfect apron for your branding message:

– Edgy Street-Inspired, Farm-to-Table, Upscale Chic or Classic Retro. Distinctive Individual Gift Box Fashion-forward details include: custom imprinted sealing tape, burlap ribbon, green pearlized Kitch Style pin, style story labels.

Talk with us about inserting your gift message or business card. Customized Branding Your gift will include up to 5,000 stitches of embroidery, tastefully personalizing your gift with your logo or message.

Maximum Economy & Efficiency The white gift box is also an approved 10” x 4” x 3” shipping box! Bulk shipped to you for distribution or we can quote individual shipping from our warehouse.

Exclusive distributor educational training videos: Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms

23 03 2018

Healthcare Markets for Promotional Product Sales This educational @promotionsman webinar will help you sell to #Healthcare markets by understanding better who the wide variety of clients are in this group, what their challenges are and how you can help them find solutions using #promotionalproducts.
Healthcare is a very viable and important market. We need to take advantage of its rapid growth and be involved with the nation’s most prolific sector.

• Top job growth is in Healthcare & Government
• Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 60
• Highly competitive Elder Care Market – It is not uncommon to have 25-50 nursing homes in a 15-20 mile radius that are targeted as facility competitors. It is important that a facility become the first thought to enter a consumer or referral sources mind when needing a nursing home, whether for long or short-term care.

• As new PhRMA codes on Interactions for Healthcare Professionals take effect, Ad Specialties Distributors are finding it necessary to be more creative with their sales to the Medical industry.


Exclusive distributor educational training videos on becoming an expert in Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms promotional sales.

Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote – New Retail Promotional Product Idea

1 08 2011

The Coupon Carrier Tote in action on a shopping cart near you...

The New Retail Craze – “Couponing” now has a home on every shopping cart. Stop the coupon shorting madness with the Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote by Aprons Etc. to ease your shopping experience and increase transaction savings!


Bandana Promotions

22 04 2011

How do you spell bandanna?  With one “n” or two?  We’ve never quite figured it out, so we spell it both ways.  The good news for you is that they are cheap!  Um, I mean, inexpensive.  And the bandanas make great promotions for sporting events (runs, bike races, softball, soccer, etc…), non-profit events, “cause” events, and healthcare promotions – you want a wearable that works for your budget?  Try bandanas.

Paisley BandanaTraditional size bandanas are 22″ x 22″ and can be imprinted in up to 6 colors.  You can choose from 20 solid colors, 21 paisley prints (imprint choice is 1-color on one edge next to the paisley design), and 5 paisley open-center colors (your imprint goes in the middle).  There are a bunch of novelty print styles, including a cowprint, patriotic designs, tie-dyed versions, and multi camouflage color choices.

If your customer wants to spend even less, you have an option of 14″ x 14″ spirit rags as well in 6 stock colors.

Ahhh, and for the dog in your life – the Pet Triangles.Pet Bandanna Triangles Go get ’em, Rover.

Bandanas get hot during the spring and summer months – pardon the attempt at a pun.  Cheap and wearable – bandannas sell.  For all ad specialty distributors – check us out at