New Fast & Free line by Aprons Etc. with 2017 upgraded product offerings.

2 02 2017

#ASI #PPAI Distributors expect & earn more in 2017! New Fast & Free line by Aprons Etc. 5 Days in-hands from ordering to delivery for US & Canada with Free Shipping!

Aprons Etc. has the following materials, print production and product attributes that are 100% exclusive an advertising display game changer in the promotional products arena.
 Trademarked KOLORpure True Dye-Sublimation Digital Printing Process (Not a decal, transfer or surface imprint) embedded in the material for the life of the product.
 25-30% Savings overs standard dye-sublimation industry table cover products with the Fast & Free line of products: 5 Days in-hands anywhere in US with Free shipping!
 (6) Material choices and 3 imprint options for our exclusive line of display table covers
 The industry’s most extensive table cover line with 3 large product categories – Dye-Sublimation, Screen Print & Value/Recyclable
 Exclusive ValuPoly ™ dye-sublimation front panel table covers the future of economic full color event displays
 The leader & inventor of Value Chair Advertising Covers featuring Tyvek ®, Non-Woven & Twill materials
 Recyclable Value 1.7mil Plastic & Non-Woven Polypropylene exclusive display materials with full color digital dye-sublimation imprinting.



Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote – New Retail Promotional Product Idea

1 08 2011

The Coupon Carrier Tote in action on a shopping cart near you...

The New Retail Craze – “Couponing” now has a home on every shopping cart. Stop the coupon shorting madness with the Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote by Aprons Etc. to ease your shopping experience and increase transaction savings!


Dye-Sublimation Digitally Printed Table Covers!

18 03 2011

At Aprons, Etc., we have just received 3 of the largest tablecover orders ever!  In March of 2011!  What are you waiting for?

Our prices are the best in the industry.  We are constantly seeking new ways and printing methods to create dynamic graphics at the best possible price for you and your customer.  Where are your customers who need table covers!  Think about in-store displays (sampling, product introductions, new features, new lines).   What time of the year is it now?  Spring, with lots of planting, renovations, celebrations, weddings, graduations – what events are coming up on the near horizon where table covers would be a natural and enhancing promotion?

Make a list.  Brainstorm about the clients you have yet to land.  Think of the opportunities:  Retail stores, Fitness locations, Trade Shows, Colleges, Universities, Hotels, Liquor and Wine producers, In-store demonstration companies, Home Demonstration companies – keep the list growing.  Then look at your chamber, or your corporate headquarters, or google schools near you.  Look through your client list – who could easily use table covers in their promotional direction?

You may be missing a great opportunity.  Most of the orders we have received take several months of work.  Right now, you should be thinking about fall promotions, and even Christmas.  Go to your clients with ideas.  Call for suggestions or samples of dye sub or digitally enhanced table covers.  Get on the bandwagon with Table Covers – and let us help you land a $50,000+ table cover order!