How Green are You?

13 04 2011

More importantly, how green is your customer?  Are her requirements that you offer green aprons – so to speak – for their eco-friendly environment?

Eco-Friendly Bib Apron

You’re in luck!  Okay, not as lucky as if you’d won the lottery or at least hit on your last quarter in that lousy shot machine, if you live in a state that allows those.  But you can find green aprons with Aprons, Etc.  We have recycled polyester/organic cotton eco-twill fabric made into – what else – aprons!  What does that mean to you?  Am I asking too many questions?

What that means is that you can be the winner with your customer, and show them our style #A300E as the winning alternative for the eco-thinking client.  This is a one-size-fits-most-everyone apron offered in 25 – yes, 25! – colors.

For a media blurb, you can visit Printwear Magazine, and take a gander at page 46.  Or just head on over to Aprons, Etc. website, and give a look.  If you would love to receive a free sample (and if you’ve read this far, you know you would), just fax or email ( a request with your UPS or FedEx account number and its free.  Yes, I said free.  Of course, you’re doing your part by covering the freight.  We like partnering.

Don’t despair.  Aprons, Etc. is there.

And speaking of Printwear magazine, take a peek at our VP, Scott Thackston, doing an interview for the mag.  Impressive.