Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business portfolio with Hispanic brand awareness

9 07 2012

High impact brand awareness is the key in standing out from a crowded market place – Event Marketing Display Table Covers spell success in any language!

Come celebrate with the top display marketing industry to consumers – Liquor / Spirits

1 05 2012
Table Cover Case History / Tips:

Liquor / Spirits Industry

  • Who: All major liquor / spirits companies, including regional brands

  • Where: Sampling Programs • POP Displays • Sporting & Public Events
  • Why: Introduction of brand or new products • Part of a cohesive marketing message illustrated with the table cover display

  • NOTE: The wine industry most often selects a “reuse” digitally imprinted product for its image quality and durability & high-end brand appeal. Liquor / Spirits primarily use disposable products for sampling purposes.

  • TIP: Food manufactures are strong prospects for table covers for the same uses in large wholesale chain stores & grocery store settings. Click for more info!

The Most Economical Corporate Branding Advertising Tool – Disposable Logo Table Covers

29 08 2011
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