Aprons Etc.’s 2013 Virtual Catalogs online – Event Marketing Displays & Service Industry Uniforms

23 01 2013

2013 Virtual Catalog Covers

#ASI Distributor Choice Awards Nominee – Aprons Etc.

5 11 2012

Distributor Choice Awards

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Thank You #ASI #Distributors for your nomination for #Uniforms in the Counselor Choice Awards. Please #vote for Aprons Etc. as your winner!
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Chef’s Apparel – From Aprons, Etc.

24 10 2011

Are you looking for Chef’s Apparel for your clients?  Chef coats? Chef hats? Chef pants?  Look no further!  We have many options at Aprons, Etc

For Chef Coats, go snazzy with French Knot Buttons, or opt for the less expensive solid button style.  Red, White, Burgundy, or Black, you can provide what your customer requires.

For pants – solids or stripes or houndstooth choices! 

For Chef’s Hats – your customer can choose twill or muslin, a beanie or a non-woven disposable style.   In the twill version, we have white, black, red, houndstooth, white with black trim or white with houndstooth trim. 

We can provide you with bistro aprons – reversible, with or without pockets, or waist style aprons.

Low minimums mean you can satisfy the smallest – or the largest – client.  Come to Aprons, Etc. for your chef apparel needs!