Aprons Etc. receives 2018 PPAI Promotional Products “Best To Work For” Award

20 04 2018

PPB Reveals The 60 Greatest Companies To Work For…


 In a process that began February 8 and concluded March 30, 94 PPAI member companies competed for inclusion on PPB’s coveted list of the 60 Greatest Companies To Work For. Thirty-two distributors, 25 suppliers and three business services companies succeeded by receiving the highest scores based on results of a 15-question survey where employees rated their company in five areas: benefits, resources, culture, leadership and company direction.

The results were under wraps until the companies were notified with the good news earlier this week.

This is the eighth year for the program but the second under a new employee survey scoring structure introduced in 2017. To be considered, each company had to be nominated and then submit a list of full-time employees who then received the survey link. A minimum percentage of completed surveys was required to qualify each company and then the survey results were tabulated.

“It’s a pretty rigorous process to earn a spot on this list,” says PPB Editor Tina Berres Filipski, “and the companies that made it have a right to feel proud of their accomplishment—and we’re thrilled for them.” She adds that the list represents a variety of company types and sizes from micro businesses with nine or fewer employees to nearly a dozen large companies, some with hundreds of employees in multiple locations. Companies were required to have a minimum of five full-time employees to qualify.

Learn more about why employees rated these companies as exceptional in PPB’s June cover story.

PPB’s 60 Greatest Companies To Work For (in alphabetical order)

Aprons, Etc., PPAI 110868 http://www.ApronsEtc.com 

800-467-1996 info@apronsetc.com

@PPAI_HQ @PPAIPubs @PPAIRecognition awards Aprons Etc. featuring the FAST & FREE line 33+ year promotional product industry veteran as a top 25 supplier company to work for in 2018!

About Aprons, Etc
After three decades, you might say we have grown up with the promotions industry. What once was a product-limited, commodity-driven market has evolved into a dynamic, sophisticated, and multi-faceted market with thousands of products, materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. At Aprons, Etc., our focus has always been to bring innovative solutions to our vast network of distributors who depend on us for the most comprehensive range of products, expert service, and competitive pricing. In terms of flexibility, quality, and overall value, Aprons, Etc. has got you covered.

Exclusive offerings. Extensive Selection.
Unique Savings.

The world of advertising is moving fast and changing faster. Especially in the number one marketing media resource of promotional products. After three decades, we fully understand the challenges our distributor partners and their customers face day-in, day-out business. Whether it’s event marketing display table covers to outdoor advertising flags, tents and banners or restaurant and medical uniforms including logo apparel aprons, you name it-at the end of the day, you need a USA manufacturer you can trust. Someone who can make your life easier by delivering quality products, competitive pricing, knowledgeable service, and on-time delivery.


Exclusive distributor educational training videos: Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms

23 03 2018

Healthcare Markets for Promotional Product Sales This educational @promotionsman webinar will help you sell to #Healthcare markets by understanding better who the wide variety of clients are in this group, what their challenges are and how you can help them find solutions using #promotionalproducts.
Healthcare is a very viable and important market. We need to take advantage of its rapid growth and be involved with the nation’s most prolific sector.

• Top job growth is in Healthcare & Government
• Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 60
• Highly competitive Elder Care Market – It is not uncommon to have 25-50 nursing homes in a 15-20 mile radius that are targeted as facility competitors. It is important that a facility become the first thought to enter a consumer or referral sources mind when needing a nursing home, whether for long or short-term care.

• As new PhRMA codes on Interactions for Healthcare Professionals take effect, Ad Specialties Distributors are finding it necessary to be more creative with their sales to the Medical industry.


Exclusive distributor educational training videos on becoming an expert in Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms promotional sales.

Aprons Etc.’s 2013 Virtual Catalogs online – Event Marketing Displays & Service Industry Uniforms

23 01 2013

2013 Virtual Catalog Covers

Need New Marketing Ideas and Promotional Products for 2013?

28 11 2012

Distributor partners we are excited to spend time with you at our January industry tradeshows reviewing Aprons Etc.’s top selling product lines and what’s new in 2013 for your continued success! Please visit us in Orlando at the 1st ASI Show booth #1126 January 5th–7th for fun in the Florida sun with what’s hot starting the New Year.

JANUARY 14-18, 2013  Jan. 14-15 – Professional Development Jan. 16-18 – Exhibits Open Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Be sure not to miss the industry’s largest show The PPAI Las Vegas Expo January 15th–18th we have a large booth product selection #1372–1376 fully staffed for your questions and to plan your 2013 sales campaigns. If you would like a personal meeting or to set-a-time at one of our January shows please ask for Pam Pennington x127 when we return to your call or email her at pam.pennington@apronsetc.com

Medical Scrub Uniform Closeouts – Tops, Pants & Sets

18 10 2012

Scrub Closeouts        
$2.50 net per pcs. – $4 net per set –   All Sizes  
Tops: #NG6241      Pants:  #NG1152    
Min. order:  24 pcs. or 12 sets

Choose from the following color options to order as sets or mix and match tops and bottoms – Ceil Blue, Purple, Teal, Royal & Navy

Inquire for stock and ordering details: 800-467-1996 info@apronsetc.com



Assisted Living Assistance for Creative Promotional Ideas

9 03 2011

Assisted Living Assistance for Creative Promotional Ideas

At Aprons, Etc., we are pleased to have become manufacturers of products which help our aging population to live easier lives. Two items which we have seen growth in is both the Walker Tote and the Wheel Chair Bag. We manufacture these items in 600 Denier Coated Polyester, which allows the bag to be water-resistant. The Wheel Chair Bag has looped webbing handles which allow for easy attachment over (see picture) the wheelchair handles, while the Walker Tote has velcro attachment on the handles to allow those to be attached to the walker bar and adjusted.

The bags have the flexibility of being manufactured in the following colors: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Charcoal, Dark Navy, Hunter, Khaki, Light Blue, Mint Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal, Silver, White, and Yellow. Wow! Your customer can find the color they want with those choices!

Please Choose:





Dark Navy




Light Blue

Mint Green








Email for a swatch of the color your customer uses. Prepare a presentation on these bags, with swatches, and watch your sales grow! Make a list now of your potential customers: Assisted Living Homes, Retirement Homes, Retirement Communities, Independent Living Homes, Hospitals and more. Let us know how we can assist you with ideas to present to your customer base.

Additionally, we are working on a new item – A Cozy Lap Blanket – to be used in the Assisted Living scenario. This blanket is made from a warm 12 oz fleece, with two center pockets for hand tucking and warmth, and a comfortable wide stretchable elastic attachment, that can be adjusted around one’s back for more comfort. These can be beautifully embroidered with your customer’s logo. Email for information!

If you have suggestions for new products that fit into the categories of the things we offer, let us know. You are the innovators because you are the ones on the front line. Give us an idea and see what we can create. Good selling!

Our New Look – The Idea Book featuring (9) Industry Lifestyle sections

1 03 2011

Our New Look – The Idea Book
Scott went on a trip. He went to a meeting. There, he spoke with and listened to many of the top distributor CEO’s and officers. They had ideas. They discussed these ideas. How could suppliers be more creative with their salespeople? It is the ongoing conundrum of this industry. How could the marketing material (reads catalog) reflect more of the options which would help distributors – and ultimately the end user – to create a 3-way partnership? Supplier (us) – Distributor (you) – End User (need/sale/profit). Yeah, I changed analogies in the middle of that. But it is a 3-way partnership, isn’t it?

Ultimately, what Scott discovered is that the distributors wanted more creativity from their suppliers. They wanted (so the CEO’s said) more ideas that they could convert to sales to their customers. They wanted a stronger partnership. Scott thought long and hard about that. He returned to Aprons, Etc. with his thinking cap on. And he made notes, researched other catalogs, thought, looked, made more notes, and ultimately arrived at the 2011 Aprons, Etc. IdeaBook. It’s different. Really. Here you will find ideas for your marketplace. He was looking for different. Creative. Not the standard product listings only. What he arrived at was a more cohesive way of looking at our product line. Scott knew that our lines fit into certain markets much more clearly and effectively than they do other markets.

In the 2011 catalog, take a look at the table of contents. Find your customer market area and take a stroll there. From our product line to your customer. American made products important to your customer? Healthcare organizations a big portion of your customer base (or you would like for it to be)? Tailgating promotions with your college customer? Hospitality venues and restaurants need your ideas? Event Marketing a big opportunity for you? Schools and universities need ideas from you for their promotions? Onsite Marketing and sampling? Budget-minded (cheap) promotions for 1-time uses? Environmentally responsible ideas important to your customer? The market areas are here for you to discover. For you to begin your own creative process in offerings to your customers.

This is a lot to absorb. Tomorrow, I will elaborate on the products in one category. But you get the idea. Or you can, if you open the catalog or head to the website.

Scott’s idea was that we create the IdeaBook that would enable you – the distributor – to become more creative in your own sales process and to know once you take a look which products will fit your customer. Try it. I think you’ll find it a great tool in your sales this year.

Let us know what you think. This is different – not a standard product catalog but an IdeaBook for you.