Exclusive distributor educational training videos: Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms

23 03 2018

Healthcare Markets for Promotional Product Sales This educational @promotionsman webinar will help you sell to #Healthcare markets by understanding better who the wide variety of clients are in this group, what their challenges are and how you can help them find solutions using #promotionalproducts.
Healthcare is a very viable and important market. We need to take advantage of its rapid growth and be involved with the nation’s most prolific sector.

• Top job growth is in Healthcare & Government
• Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 60
• Highly competitive Elder Care Market – It is not uncommon to have 25-50 nursing homes in a 15-20 mile radius that are targeted as facility competitors. It is important that a facility become the first thought to enter a consumer or referral sources mind when needing a nursing home, whether for long or short-term care.

• As new PhRMA codes on Interactions for Healthcare Professionals take effect, Ad Specialties Distributors are finding it necessary to be more creative with their sales to the Medical industry.


Exclusive distributor educational training videos on becoming an expert in Healthcare, Event Marketing & Restaurant Uniforms promotional sales.

Medical Scrub Uniform Closeouts – Tops, Pants & Sets

18 10 2012

Scrub Closeouts        
$2.50 net per pcs. – $4 net per set –   All Sizes  
Tops: #NG6241      Pants:  #NG1152    
Min. order:  24 pcs. or 12 sets

Choose from the following color options to order as sets or mix and match tops and bottoms – Ceil Blue, Purple, Teal, Royal & Navy

Inquire for stock and ordering details: 800-467-1996 info@apronsetc.com