Huge Closeout Savings on 2012 Promotional Products

21 09 2012


Close-Out Items (c) 

Item                           Qty. Available        Blank (150+)           Printed (150+)  Prtd. (600+)

#5005 Oven Mitts              1886              $1.67                         $3.33                         $2.50


#5001 Hot Handle             5000              .84                              $2.50                         $1.67


#5003   Spatula

(Lemon)        6646              1.25                           $2.92                         $2.08

            (Lime)            1679 


*No set up charge for 600+*

Set up – $50 (g)

#5009 Basting Brushes

            (cherry)         5381

            (Lime)            6463

            (Lemon)        5602              .83 BLANK ONLY



Economic aid is on the way for your next sales success in Event Marketing!

18 07 2012

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business portfolio with Hispanic brand awareness

9 07 2012

High impact brand awareness is the key in standing out from a crowded market place – Event Marketing Display Table Covers spell success in any language!

Digitally Imprinted Table Covers Wow Customers at Retail In-Store Sampling

19 03 2012

Digitally Imprinted Table Covers Wow Customers at Retail In-Store Sampling

Liquor / Spirits Industry –
• Who: All major liquor/spirits companies, including regional brands
• Where: Sampling Programs • POP Displays • Sporting & Public Events
• Why: Introduction of brand or new products • Part of a cohesive marketing message illustrated with the table cover display
• NOTE: The wine industry most often selects a “reuse” digitally imprinted product for its image quality and durability & high-end brand appeal. Liquor/Spirits primarily use disposable products for sampling purposes.
• TIP: Food manufactures are strong prospects for table covers for the same uses in large wholesale chain stores & grocery store settings.

Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote – New Retail Promotional Product Idea

1 08 2011

The Coupon Carrier Tote in action on a shopping cart near you...

The New Retail Craze – “Couponing” now has a home on every shopping cart. Stop the coupon shorting madness with the Exclusive Coupon Carrier Tote by Aprons Etc. to ease your shopping experience and increase transaction savings!