Sell Tablecovers to Colleges!

3 11 2011

In the past month, we have received over 30 orders from distributors with college logos.  If you are missing this market in your territory, you may be missing a great deal. 

The imprints include state universities, alumni groups, technical colleges, high schools and public schools.  This sale is even better for you because we offer a 1-piece digital tablecover for a minimal price.  And your profit can be better than on 300-500 pens! 

Call a product specialist here at Aprons, or email us at for information.  Another great outcome of the school orders is that we see many re-orders. 

Digital imprints on tablecovers offer your customer an amazing choice of imprint colors – full photography capabilities.  Alternately, he or she can choose a simple 1-color print (although we do digital only on all 1-piece orders – and it can look just like a 1-color).

Take some time to consider the schools and colleges in your area, and make this important connection.  You may turn out to be greatly pleased that you did.




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