Cow Print Aprons – or Can you see me behind the trees?

10 05 2011

Pouch Pocket Cowprint Bib ApronEvery once in awhile, we get surprised by an order of cowprint design aprons.  Sometimes we get them quite regularly.  I suppose that the Chik Fil-A has done more for this design that anyone ever could have.  If you don’t count the animal skin phenomena in fashion.

So, who would want a cow print design?  Hmmm.  The prints which we have seen that are added to this apron are all over the place.  As you can see from the above picture, you can either choose a print on the solid black pocket of both styles, or you can opt for a bright color on the bib to stand out against the black & white printing.  Or no print, if you just want the look.

Restaurants, Specialty Stores, Specific Promotions, Company BBQ‘s, Summertime Promo’s, Specific geographical locations that lend themselves to this cowboy kind of look. 

The cowprint design is creative and continues its unique attraction. And it is eye catching.  Keep in mind that this fabric – which we stock – can be used to manufacture other items as well- tablecovers, vests, tote bags.  Call your customer, and say “mooo”.




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