Bandana Promotions

22 04 2011

How do you spell bandanna?  With one “n” or two?  We’ve never quite figured it out, so we spell it both ways.  The good news for you is that they are cheap!  Um, I mean, inexpensive.  And the bandanas make great promotions for sporting events (runs, bike races, softball, soccer, etc…), non-profit events, “cause” events, and healthcare promotions – you want a wearable that works for your budget?  Try bandanas.

Paisley BandanaTraditional size bandanas are 22″ x 22″ and can be imprinted in up to 6 colors.  You can choose from 20 solid colors, 21 paisley prints (imprint choice is 1-color on one edge next to the paisley design), and 5 paisley open-center colors (your imprint goes in the middle).  There are a bunch of novelty print styles, including a cowprint, patriotic designs, tie-dyed versions, and multi camouflage color choices.

If your customer wants to spend even less, you have an option of 14″ x 14″ spirit rags as well in 6 stock colors.

Ahhh, and for the dog in your life – the Pet Triangles.Pet Bandanna Triangles Go get ’em, Rover.

Bandanas get hot during the spring and summer months – pardon the attempt at a pun.  Cheap and wearable – bandannas sell.  For all ad specialty distributors – check us out at




One response

12 07 2011
Sarah Brisbane

Wow. I never realized bandanas can be used as promotional tools. But then, almost anything these days can be used as such. Thanks for sharing!

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