Culinary & Cooking Schools

14 03 2011

How many cooking programs are in colleges, junior colleges, and universities in your territory?  Have you researched Johnson & Wales  close by or the Art Institute ? Check out the programs in all of the colleges close to you to see if they offer culinary programs.  You will discover that most schools now have such a program, and require – or are already ordering – chefs’ coats, chefs’ pants, and chefs’ hats

The Uncommon Chef CoatThe reason we suggest this is for your bottom line.  Here at Aprons, Etc., we get repeat orders almost daily for Chefs’ coats and pants.  Going to the same end-user over and over – which are often culinary programs within colleges and universities.  Over and over means repeat.  We like repeat orders because they aren’t quite as hard as getting that first order from your customer.  Agreed?  Google “cooking schools” or “culinary programs“.  You may be surprised at what you find.  And each one needs uniforms of some style.

BeanieIn our product line, we have many styles of white chefs’ coats, black coats, red, and burgundy coats.  We have coats with white pearl buttons and black pearl buttons.  Fancy, huh?  We have chefs’ pants that are striped, baggy, and plain.  We have striped beanies and solid color beanies for chefs with personality.  We have tall chefs’ hats for the elegant chef.

At Aprons, Etc., we have distributors who have implemented major uniform programs with local culinary schools.  Recently, an ongoing  order was doubled – as an ongoing order.  Because the school experienced a great growth in student registration.  If you already have a contact within a school, ask for names of the people who buy uniforms for the culinary or cooking program (some schools use different lables).  Make that one school your customer in every capacity.

Classic Bib ApronDon’t overlook the apron category for culinary programs.  We have bib stylesbistro styles, and no-tie comfort fit aprons .  You have the capability of being a complete uniform resource to your local culinary programs in your colleges and universities.  Start making your list of potential customers and call for appointments.  Let us know how we can assist you with virtual samples, or invest in our most popular styles to demo to your client.

Schools and universities have all kinds of possible venues for you.  Don’t overlook the culinary programs!




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