Assisted Living Assistance for Creative Promotional Ideas

9 03 2011

Assisted Living Assistance for Creative Promotional Ideas

At Aprons, Etc., we are pleased to have become manufacturers of products which help our aging population to live easier lives. Two items which we have seen growth in is both the Walker Tote and the Wheel Chair Bag. We manufacture these items in 600 Denier Coated Polyester, which allows the bag to be water-resistant. The Wheel Chair Bag has looped webbing handles which allow for easy attachment over (see picture) the wheelchair handles, while the Walker Tote has velcro attachment on the handles to allow those to be attached to the walker bar and adjusted.

The bags have the flexibility of being manufactured in the following colors: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Charcoal, Dark Navy, Hunter, Khaki, Light Blue, Mint Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal, Silver, White, and Yellow. Wow! Your customer can find the color they want with those choices!

Please Choose:





Dark Navy




Light Blue

Mint Green








Email for a swatch of the color your customer uses. Prepare a presentation on these bags, with swatches, and watch your sales grow! Make a list now of your potential customers: Assisted Living Homes, Retirement Homes, Retirement Communities, Independent Living Homes, Hospitals and more. Let us know how we can assist you with ideas to present to your customer base.

Additionally, we are working on a new item – A Cozy Lap Blanket – to be used in the Assisted Living scenario. This blanket is made from a warm 12 oz fleece, with two center pockets for hand tucking and warmth, and a comfortable wide stretchable elastic attachment, that can be adjusted around one’s back for more comfort. These can be beautifully embroidered with your customer’s logo. Email for information!

If you have suggestions for new products that fit into the categories of the things we offer, let us know. You are the innovators because you are the ones on the front line. Give us an idea and see what we can create. Good selling!




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9 03 2011

Your educational resources rock! I just realized this blog is owned by Aprons, Etc, which provided a free webinar last year that I remember using to learn about marketing aprons to the service industries.

10 03 2011

Thank you Benjamin @ KeyStone Specialties for the kind words and glowing accolades! Aprons Etc. is happy to educate our Distributor Partners with tools to help grow our mutual business and partnership in the Promotional Product Industry.

10 03 2011
Tabetha Sheaver

I would like to be added to email updates becuase it’s things like this that spark ideas and help distributors, like me, grow our business! Well done! Thanks- I have sent these 2 ideas to some healthcare accounts.

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