Let’s talk table display covers to grow your business…

2 03 2011

Let’s talk table display covers
If you as a distributor have not educated yourself on imprinted table display covers, let’s talk sales. This category of products has grown the most for Aprons, Etc., than any other product in the last several years. Why? Think about the possible uses in imprinted tablecloths. Flat, fitted, convertible (from 6 ft to 8 ft), plastic disposable, non-woven disposable – the options are here for your customers.

Sampling Events – Your customer has a sampling and tasting event at grocery stores, wine shops, cafes, or markets. The table cover has a digital front panel imprint of delectable cheese and wine. Or a scene from the coast of a couple enjoying the featured product . Or the logo of a well-known company. Imagine the possibilities among your customers who sell food and drink products. We see these logos coming in daily. Don’t let your slice of the pie disappear.

College Events – Our volume of school and university logos continues to grow. Re-usable imprinted table covers are increasing for the discerning school buyer who sees an opportunity to brand their school in a reusable tablecover. 1-color screen prints to multi-color dye sublimation imprinting brings all sorts of possibilities to your university buyer. Do they want to use the tablecloths to decorate an alumni gathering? To establish presence at a recruiting event? To stand out at a career fair? To place a table of information at a Fraternity and Sorority event? The possibilities at your university and college customer are practically endless. And I don’t say that flippantly. Don’t overlook the many possible buyers within your local university – alumni department, student recruiting, athletic events – and more.

Conferences – Imprinted table covers have become a must for corporations who want their brand prominently displayed to the conference attendees. The cover establishes a visual connection to the leaders and creates a cohesive and classy look which pulls conference rooms together and keeps the leaders front and center.

Trade Shows – I don’t think there is anything I can suggest about imprinted table covers for trade shows that you don’t recognize yourself. Part of the booth packaging, the table cover is a must for those who want to avoid the high rental fees which accompanies plain tablecovers provided by the trade show hall. Help your customer understand the value behind having a cover with their own logo, and the re-usability of this item.

Those are just a few ideas. We have a low 1-piece minimum (couldn’t get much lower) for a digitally imprinted cover. Talk to your customer about other possibilities, because as you know, more than one will get a lower cost for you and your customer.

The last point I will make here is the re-order possibilities. Of our entire product line, the re-orders on tablecovers are the highest by far of any product we manufacture and sell. Aren’t re-orders fun? Aren’t they easier? Don’t you enjoy the commission from an order with less work? Sell tablecovers. Educate yourself. Splurge on a sample with swatches of color possibilities. This is really a no-brainer and has the possibility of impacting your sales in a very positive way.

Okay – One more thing – your customer can also opt for runners. If they change their logo often, and prefer to have a smaller item or they want the look of a different color cover underneath the runner, that is also a great option. Explore our website and come up with your own list of possible customers in your database. We’re here to help.




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2 03 2011
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Let S Talk Table Display Covers To Grow Your Business…

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