Our New Look – The Idea Book featuring (9) Industry Lifestyle sections

1 03 2011

Our New Look – The Idea Book
Scott went on a trip. He went to a meeting. There, he spoke with and listened to many of the top distributor CEO’s and officers. They had ideas. They discussed these ideas. How could suppliers be more creative with their salespeople? It is the ongoing conundrum of this industry. How could the marketing material (reads catalog) reflect more of the options which would help distributors – and ultimately the end user – to create a 3-way partnership? Supplier (us) – Distributor (you) – End User (need/sale/profit). Yeah, I changed analogies in the middle of that. But it is a 3-way partnership, isn’t it?

Ultimately, what Scott discovered is that the distributors wanted more creativity from their suppliers. They wanted (so the CEO’s said) more ideas that they could convert to sales to their customers. They wanted a stronger partnership. Scott thought long and hard about that. He returned to Aprons, Etc. with his thinking cap on. And he made notes, researched other catalogs, thought, looked, made more notes, and ultimately arrived at the 2011 Aprons, Etc. IdeaBook. It’s different. Really. Here you will find ideas for your marketplace. He was looking for different. Creative. Not the standard product listings only. What he arrived at was a more cohesive way of looking at our product line. Scott knew that our lines fit into certain markets much more clearly and effectively than they do other markets.

In the 2011 catalog, take a look at the table of contents. Find your customer market area and take a stroll there. From our product line to your customer. American made products important to your customer? Healthcare organizations a big portion of your customer base (or you would like for it to be)? Tailgating promotions with your college customer? Hospitality venues and restaurants need your ideas? Event Marketing a big opportunity for you? Schools and universities need ideas from you for their promotions? Onsite Marketing and sampling? Budget-minded (cheap) promotions for 1-time uses? Environmentally responsible ideas important to your customer? The market areas are here for you to discover. For you to begin your own creative process in offerings to your customers.

This is a lot to absorb. Tomorrow, I will elaborate on the products in one category. But you get the idea. Or you can, if you open the catalog or head to the website.

Scott’s idea was that we create the IdeaBook that would enable you – the distributor – to become more creative in your own sales process and to know once you take a look which products will fit your customer. Try it. I think you’ll find it a great tool in your sales this year.

Let us know what you think. This is different – not a standard product catalog but an IdeaBook for you.




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