America’s Largest Companies Are Choosing Promotional Products

21 10 2010

No-Tie_Patented_ApronTop Five Reasons America’s Largest Companies Are Choosing Promotional Products This Holiday Season

Every year, major corporations spend more than $19 billion in the branded product industry and see big results. These logoed products pack unparalleled return-on-investment, especially during the holiday gift-giving season when many businesses are looking for a unique way to show how much they appreciate their customers and clients. Kathleen Watts, founder and CEO of The Brandmarket, Inc., a promotional product and design firm in Newport Beach, is an expert in choosing the products that become campaign gold for the world’s most recognized brands, including Disney, ABC News, ESPN, Verizon and Martha Stewart Living. Below she shares five lessons today’s industry giants understand about the smart value of corporate branded gifts.

Five Reasons U.S. Businesses Prefer Branded Products to Propel Brand Identity and Bottom Line.

1. They Are Among the Most Memorable Forms of Marketing. More than 75% of those who receive promotional gifts remember the company’s name on the product, rather than only 50% of those remember a brand name from a magazine, newspaper or banner advertisement.

2. Ad Dollars Work Double Duty. Branded products are truly the “gifts that keeps on giving.” The value of providing clients with a branded product is substantial, as it doubly promotes a brand. The initial transaction boosts the brand’s reputation with the recipient, and as time goes on, wherever the product goes or whoever uses it, the brand continues to be exposed.

3. Your Gift Becomes a Mobile Advertisement. Think about the “life” of a pen — people lend it to one another, and it travels from offices to homes and everywhere in between. If that pen has a business name on it, all those who see or use it are exposed to the company — it is essentially mobile advertising.

4. Make a Strong Statement About Your Brand. By choosing a higher quality product like a beautiful desk clock or an elegant desk organizer, a corporation shows its clients that they matter; and every time the client sees the gift they will remember the relationship with the business.

5. Boost Employee Morale & Satisfaction. Branded products like travel mugs, photo frames, or reusable shopping bags are also a great way to foster pride within an organization for its product, service and mission.

“There are reasons promotional products outpace internet, broadcast, outdoor and yellow page advertising each year,” says Watts. “Whether they are given to employees or clients, their worth spans well beyond the initial transaction between a business and the recipient.”

About The Brandmarket: Founded by Kathleen Watts in 2001 and headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., The Brandmarket is a trend-setting diversified promotional product and design firm specializing in “fresh” ideas for corporate promotional campaigns. A unique blend of traditional and next-generation strategies provides a diverse client roster with unmatched results through superior quality, visibility, business development, client/customer relations, advertising and product branding. In 2008, the firm was recognized with the ASI Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Spirit Award, and also received the Women’s Business Enterprise Supplier of the Year Award (WBENC) in 2009. Develop a new product or concept, or modify an existing one — at The Brandmarket, the possibilities are endless! To learn more, visit or call (949) 706-3000.


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