Event Marketing Displays Show Sales Consistency & Growth

2 12 2009

Event Marketing Displays Show Sales Consistency & Growth
Event Marketing Still Going Strong….

ASI Counselor Magazine (2009) Many companies are not hiding the fact they’re cutting their advertising and marketing budgets in 2010. However, one area that appears to be somewhat insulated is “Display Event Marketing”. A recent study says events and meetings are playing an increasingly crucial role in the marketing mix despite the current economic conditions. This is good news for ad specialty distributors who are tapped to provide products for these events. Event marketing drives business as quickly as possible to the more targeted, direct and engaging strategy of brand experiences. Businesses regardless of economic conditions must advertise their company brand and product offerings….they want their names and uniqueness out in front of potential and repeat customers. Instead of waiting for possible customer interaction and ROI to come back through traditional marketing media channels; they’re being proactive with one on one high impact visual advertising experiences using – Logo Display Table Covers, Banners, Back Drops & Portable Pop-up Exhibits & Stands….all with full color photographic digital Imprinting logo quality.

Industry Prospects for Event Marketing Displays

Sales / Marketing
New Product Training
Product Launches & Demos
Sales Meetings
Seminars / Road Shows
Trade Shows
User Group Meetings
Message Marketing-internal or community
Corporate / Business
Annual Meetings
Board Meetings
Corporate Events
Educational Series
Executive Retreats
Regional Meetings
Special Events
Team Building Exercises & Awards
Employee Recruiting
Marathons/Sport Events
Seniors & Children’s Programs
College / University
Spring Break Marketing
Sports Promotions
Student Union Events
Fraternity/Sorority Marketing
Beach & Concert Campaigns





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