Is Your Business Ready for Recession’s End?

5 08 2009

Is Your Company Ready?

A positive view on Wall Street?

Posted in Uncategorized by lucyslegacy on the August 10, 2009

I’m sure many of us are somewhat leary right now about anything that comes out of Wall Street.  Still, we look there first, don’t we, to see economic indicators.  Here is an encouraging article on what is happening and improvements coming our way – perhaps there will be a rocky climb but climbing is so preferable to falling.

Posted in Uncategorized by lucyslegacy on the August 5, 2009

Here’s a greatly encouraging story for all of us.

“Everything is invented. Language. Childhood. Careers. Relationships. Religion. Philosophy. The future. They are not there for the plucking. They do not exist in some natural state. They must be invented by people. And that, of course, is a great thing. Don’t mope in your room. Go invent something. That is the American message.”

The inventions of printing’s patron saint, Benjamin Franklin, are strikingly illustrated in Can Do, the latest installment of an ongoing series by artist Maira Kalman for The New York Times. Can Do, from which the quote above is taken, is part of And the Pursuit of Happiness, Kalman’s monthly blog on American themes, events, and personalities. It has appeared at the Times web site on the last Friday of every month beginning on January 29, 2009.

Can Do celebrates the “land of ingenuity” that America has been ever since Franklin’s day. Of the Philadelphia printer, Kalman also writes, “He believed in doing good every day…I don’t think he was ever bored.”

Fired Up Graphics
of Vancouver, WA, is a good example of the American can-do spirit—the screen printing and embroidery company has enjoyed 100% annual sales growth since Clint Greeley, a former firefighter, launched it four years ago. But this year, reports The Columbian, a daily serving Clark County, WA, Fired Up Graphics has run into an obstacle confronting many other small firms in the area—lack of access to capital as local banks shy away from making business loans. The story says that Greeley, seeking to buy another company in Vancouver, was approved for a $500,000 loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA). But then, he couldn’t find a bank willing to partner with SBA by providing the financing. A general decline in commercial lending will keep money tight in Clark County until the economy recovers, according to the story. Greeley’s attitude, however, remains can-do: “We’re doing well and are going to expand, it’s just the way we expand might have to be a little more conservative,” he is quoted as saying.

Ready yourself for the end

Posted in Uncategorized by lucyslegacy on the August 5, 2009
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Here’s a great posting to think about.  If the recession is nearing its end, how have you streamlined to be prepared?  What new ideas have you generated and how will you forge forward with an awakened feeling of excitement?  In other words, how will you deal with it?  The end will come, and we will all be facing the same thing.  Have we responded quickly enough and with enough grit?

Sometimes doing better in business means that you must become creative.  Think outside the box (as old as that saying is).  Still very true.  Take a look at what others are doing to improve their bottom line and keep their industries alive.  The world is changing rapidly, and who knows if we will ever go back to business as usual.  Take a look at some very proactive ideas.




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